Veronica Iglesias Romney

Title: Marketing Integrator + Online Business Builder


Ready to take your business to the next level but need someone to help you ZERO IN on what YOU NEED to get there??

Here's the truth:

You and your business are unique!

And how you stand out in the marketplace will differ from someone else, but trying to see yourself and your offering's value on your own is impossible. Why?

Because we can't see our own label through the jar.

And you, my friend, are in the JAR. Like all up in that jar!

You're too close to your idea, superpower, and experiences that it's too hard to objectively decide how you should show up and what you should offer, build, and share to grow your brand and business correctly.

So what happens?

You immerse yourself in a lot of education, but little execution...

You're excited by all the opportunity, but little clarity on what to do next...

You have new skills, knowledge, and the ability to save your customer's world but you're still debating which...

Ohhh...and don't even get me started on what to name the product and/or business!

There are SO many decisions between where you are today and where you need to be that it's absolutely paralyzing sometimes...

Wherever you are in your online business journey, the good news is you are not alone and I too have felt that “education overwhelm” and decision-plaguing analysis-paralysis.

And I’m thankful for that actually, because without this personal experience, I wouldn’t have discovered the exact solution you need.

You don’t need more DIY tactics, hacks, formulas, templates, etc. 

You just need the perfect space + partner that will PUSH YOU to GET IT DONE!

To break through the indecision, overwhelm, and too-many-ideas-to-choose syndrome that is robbing your success and time.

How I can help you breakthrough:

Join My Next Get-It-Done Incubator

Build A Digital Product In Less Than 7 Days

Find Time + Energy For Both Your Business + Family Without The Guilt

Have Me Strategically Guide You 1:1

Portfolio and Preferred Method to Contact Me

Veronica Romney is a 13+ year branding and marketing veteran who has executed marketing campaigns for some of the world’s most respected brands including Sprint, Marriott, IMAX, Dr. Weil Vitamin Advisor, major influencers, and more. Even more than that, she is a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, and an advocate for the you who wants more but doesn't know how. She is the Founder of MyModernBrand™, a branding and marketing education company that helps ambitiously frustrated entrepreneurs execute the right strategies to build their online business. When she isn’t busy wrangling her own business and two kids, she is also serving thousands of female entrepreneurs as BossBabe's Chief of Staff.

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