The Funnel Sisters

Title: Your Copywriting Companions


We Write Words that Win the Sale and Woo the Heart.


To the business owner with the dream of endless possibilities,You have the soul of an entrepreneur and a golden heart for helping others. 

Your courses, books, and workshops help others reach their goals and find their own silver lining in the sky.

Helping others achieve their dreams is something you were born to do.

But sometimes, you struggle with finding the right words that will help you stand out among other service providers and get you noticed by clients... 

 … or maybe you’re so busy changing lives that you don’t have the time to sit in front of your computer and write copy. 

Whatever the case may be - you came here because you need help. 

But not just any help. 

You need professionals who are organized and experienced with writing copy -- a duo who can capture your brand voice, tell your story, and turn it into content that sells. 

You need a team of trusted confidants that will understand your business and be willing and ready to grow with youYou need a dream team that becomes the cheerleaders who get just as excited about your business as you are. 


You need us.


Hi we’re Chessica and Nickie, otherwise known as The Funnel Sisters. 

We’re a cheerful copywriting crew that’s committed to helping creative brands and influencers find their voice, cut through the pervasive white-noise of digital marketing, and achieve those coveted conversions by crafting authentic, entertaining, genuine sales copy that connects with the hearts and minds of their audience. 

We also love to add voice, flair, conversation, and personality to liven up stiff and stuffy words that fall flat and fail. 

Take a simple message of what we do as copywriters, for instance, and look at the 3 examples below. You’ll see how different words can change the entire feel and emotion of an idea, and either wake it up and connect or put you to straight to sleep.

With Voice and punch: We fix franken funnels and revive cold, comatose copy like it ain't nobody's business. (Sass, class, and a little bada-- well, you get the point.) 

With Emotion: We wield words that win the sale and woo the heart. (Our personal favorite.)

With No Flair (i.e. “white noise”): We’re sales funnel copywriters with bachelor's degrees in communications and marketing and have over 10 years of combined writing experience. (Generic, formulaic, and forgettable.)

See what we did there? 

 We took a single, simple thought and added personality, panache, and transformed the entire experience of one little sentence… 

 Words really DO make a big difference. 

 …. and why is this all so important, you may be wondering? 

 Because when you create real connections with others -- using copywriting -- your audience size increases and your sales do, too! That’s why we make it a point to craft on-brand, authentic content that truly resonates with the people you serve.  

 If we may leave you with one final thought before we go, and perhaps, in doing so, also give you something valuable to hold onto, it is this:

The Funnel Sisters are here to breathe life into your business and products through the power of words so you can move on and do what you do best: change lives and influence others


With grace, grit, and gumption

 Chess and Nickie,

aka, The Funnel Sisters



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Chess x Nickie

You may reach out to us at or shoot us a message on Facebook.  

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