Tara Salbeck

Title: Funnel Strategist & Designer for the mission-led entrepreneur


Hey there, I'm Tara!  

I support mission-led entrepreneurs who are out to make a difference!  You want to change the world, and still, have TIME to spend with the ones you love the most!

I believe in:

»Family first

»Marketing with integrity & heart

»Hard work


»Serving with purpose


»Business with a mission & a vision

»The relentless pursuit of your goals and dreams


I can help you:

»Take back your time so you can spend it on what's most important to you

»Reach more=serve more 

»Gain clarity & focus in your business

»Develop systems to keep you organized

»RELAX & focus on your zone of genius

Why me?

»I will exceed your expectations

»Your success matters to me

»I'm here for you for the long haul

»Your mission is my mission

My skills & services:

»Business intensive- let's take a deep dive into your business, determine what's working and what's not.  We will look at your offers, and come up with a strategy to level up your business.  You'll walk away with a fully laid out plan of action customized for YOUR business!

»Funnel design & build- I can work from a template you've purchased, or create a completely custom design just for you.  Either way, your funnel will NOT look like a template- it will look like YOU, your brand, your business, your voice!

»Custom graphics- if the ones you have just aren't working with your brand, no worries, I can create some custom for you.  Logos, Images, icons, info-graphics, mock-ups, etc.  Any graphics you need, I got you!

»Offer creation & strategy- let's get you unstuck and create the offer your clients are dreaming of!

»Web design-if you need a quick pick me up for your website, or a new one designed from scratch, I am happy to help!

About me:

I'm a mom first, business owner second!  My kids are my WHY so if they don't fit into my business then my business doesn't fit me!  I am a triple threat- Anxiety, ADHD & Depression😂!  I am a survivor and a fighter!  I have spun my wheels in my business, lost focus- hey squirrel, experienced imposter-syndrome, analysis paralysis, and every other mindset issue you can think of.  But, I NEVER let that stop me!!  I get up every single time, dust myself off, and keep on moving forward.  I am determined to leave this world a better place, determined to show my kids what hard work and determination looks like, determined to prove to the world that despite a million setbacks, mental illness & countless failures, success is just around the corner if you only Keep pursuing it!  I am a dreamer, a creator & a giver!  I believe that through a ripple effect, we can impact so many lives by starting with serving just oneLet's change the world together!

Portfolio and Preferred Method to Contact Me

View my portfolio:  www.levelupvirtual.com

Text me: 410-428-1383

Email me: tara@levelupvirtual.com

FB me:  m.me/tarasalbeck

Let's get to know each other on a quick call to determine how we can level up your business! 

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