Sue Howard

Title: Copywriter for Entrepreneurs Unwilling to Leave Their Success To Chance



For the entrepreneur who'd rather not leave success to chance

Eliminate Your Blind Spots To Go From Middle of the Pack To Alpha Entrepreneur...


The difference between the middle of the pack and alpha entrepreneurs is middle of the pack relies on tired best practices and "expert" opinions..

...Alpha relies on hard data to eliminate her blind spots and gain competitive advantage.

​I'm not another marketer asking you to trust her.

I'm asking you to trust the hard data I rely on to curate copy and optimization strategy.

To serve your people what they want, when they want it, and how they want it.

If you're ready to leap over the competition, my research backed marketing will light the way.​




I serve entrepreneurs who know marketing without data is a gamble with terrible odds.

My research-backed services will:


✔️ Align your offer with high profit problems using keyword research

✔️ Curate Copy that converts with data-driven copywriting

✔️ Leakproof your funnel with conversion rate optimization strategy


Good copywriters write. Great copywriters curate


Pricing: $$$$


My services are on the higher end, because I'm not willing to leave your success to chance.

High converting copywriting and optimization is not an art.

It's a science that requires a deep understanding of your ideal customer and your offer.

An understanding that can only be gained with data analysis to reveal what your ideal customer is never going to willingly share with you.

Because they're not even aware of these beliefs driving them to do what they do, and want what they want.

For this reason, my services are best for those who are already experiencing some success with their offer OR they have another source of revenue to fund their marketing strategy before they experience success.

This is not for someone risking it all on a hail mary pass.


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