Stirling Gardner

Title: Facebook Ads, Live Launches & Challenges, Funnel Builder



I own Stackt Digital, a Facebook Ads agency. 

We run ads for everything from SLO funnels to challenges for high ticket $15k+ programs.


I have case studies of SLO funnels performing at 8x ROAS.

We pride ourselves on our testing methodology so you don’t waste money on ads and can scale as quickly as possible while still being able to sleep at night.


Over my four years as an agency owner, I have mastered the art of the live launch. We have managed 40+ of these with case studies of clients making 25-43x ROAS.

I have created and packaged my expertise around live launches into something called Launch Perfect™


I help coaches and course creators find their voice, own their niche, and scale their businesses using funnels and Facebook Ads.

I also help coaches and consultants create an “evergreen live launch system” so they can create serious cash injections with viral impact. Simply and repeatedly. 

Launch Perfect is as an 8-week group coaching program where we help them build all the assets they need to create an evergreen live launch system.


  1. Coaches or course creators who want evergreen ads run for their business: SLO, Webinar, Application, etc.
  2. Coaches or course creators who have done a live launch before and want to partner with us to run their ads and explode their traffic.
  3. Coaches or course creators who have never done a live launch, know the impact a live launch could have, and want to work with me in a group coaching program (Launch Perfect), so they have the live launch system in place.
    1. They can take this system and run with it on their own or
    2. We can partner with them to run their ads.

At the end of the day, my IDEAL client has an amazing offer, knows the possibilities a live launch can provide, goes through the Launch Perfect program, then partners with us to run their ads.


We work on a performance-basis as we believe when everyone has skin in the game, it is a win-win. 

Too many agencies charge large retainers at the beginning of the month and you have no idea what you are going to get out of the agency.

An agency with stake in your profits is very motivated to help you grow as quickly and profitably as possible.

Think of me as your CMO in a box.

Portfolio and Preferred Method to Contact Me

You can reach me personally at 

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