Sarah Morrison

Title: Offer + Funnel Strategy


After coaching with digital marketing giants over the last five years (while helping hundreds of entrepreneurs), I have seen many, many (many) products and funnels; business models, industries, and personalities. And the #1 problem I see is -

You have plenty of ideas but are lost on how to put them all together.

Does that sound like you? Awesome… keep reading!


I help online entrepreneurs map out a full business roadmap using my ROI Framework™ so your ideal customer can find you, fall in love with you and grow confident that you will deliver the results they’re looking for.

Connect with me if you’re ready to identify what’s working in your business (and what’s not), fill in gaps and leaky spots, and generate a solid action plan to gain more customers, more revenue streams and more impact through MORE OFFERS.


You need perfect balance of STRATEGY and STEPS. Using my ROI Framework, we will:

RESTRUCTURE: Take inventory of what's working (or not working) in your business plan

OPTIMIZE: Fill in existing gaps, refine existing offers, and layout supplementary offers

IMPLEMENT: Build a clear customer ascension plan for your all of your offers, including action steps and timeline

With your ROI Framework in hand, you will know EXACTLY:

👉 How to get more dream customers lining up to work with you

👉 How to get more revenue coming in... while you sleep

👉 How to prioritize your precious time to achieve maximum results


Sarah provided me with several very creative, actionable ideas we believe will take our business to the next level. Along with that, her advice on the strategy questions I brought to her helped crystallize our road-map for the next quarter. I just wish we'd reached out to her sooner!
~ David

Sarah is one of those people you are instantly drawn to. She is a straight shooter, strong business leader, and always provides good comic relief. I trust her knowledge and opinion. Sarah listened intently and gave me solid advice for improving my business struggles that specifically worked for me and my personality. She is great at helping me see that I already have a lot of things done that can be tweaked; that I don’t need to reinvent the wheel all the time. I highly recommend working with Sarah.
~ Diana

Sarah, thank you so much for talking with me! I was confused on what steps to take to start making actual progress. After talking with you I feel less overwhelmed and know what next steps I need to take. I love your direct, no nonsense style! I felt like you could relate to my situation and instead of giving me generic advice that could take months or more, you helped me determine actionable steps I can do to start seeing results.
~ Darcy

Sarah not only answered the questions I showed up with, she answered questions about my business that I didn't even realize that I had. She was able to jump right in, with only a little bit of background, and offer sound, actionable advice. I feel so much more confident about moving my business into the next stage after our conversation. She really exceeded my expectations.
~ Karen


Sarah Morrison is the Director of Coaching at Clickfunnels, where she works daily to help entrepreneurs just like you, who have the roadmap and are ready to scale their business, design a life they love and make a massive impact.

She is a mom of 6, Bravo TV addict, to-do list lover, coffee connoisseur and Enneagram 3.

Portfolio and Preferred Method to Contact Me

👉 Shoot me a text: (806) 33-SARAH, let's connect!

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