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Title: Copywriting • Web & Sales Funnel Design • Strategy


Ready to have some fun building the business of your dreams?

My suite of 7 star marketing services including copywriting, web and sales funnel design, strategic consulting and Director Of Marketing services that will make you smile 😊

Hey, I'm Meera!

When I was a kid I used to watch the olympic gymnasts 🤸‍♀️ and turn to my mom and tell her "If I spent all my time, every day, training I could do that." I doubt that was true. But we will never know it wasn't, will we 😉

What I do know is that I have spent the better part of 20+ years learning and doing in strategy, marketing, business development, data analysis, web design, app design, ecommerce, marketplace and community build outs and coaching 👩‍💻

So, I am still thinking maybe I could have been an olympic gymnast 🤷‍♀️ But my passion drove me to learn how to excel in everything that an entrepreneur needs for success.

I made my first big investment in starting a business in 2008, creating the first online direct marketing company in the UAE.  I wanted to help women open their own jewelry stores using my self conceived, built and patched together platform. I opened a jewelry store in the mall. I built an online marketplace and launched an APP. I wrote numerous 7 figure corporate consulting projects over the years - and got credit for zero of them 😌

But, before being a businesswoman, I am a mom.

And as I went from kid number 3 to kid number 10 my priorities just did not let me do the networking required to make any of these ventures successful.

So I sacrificed them and focused on my family.

But I didn't quit. I kept learning. Executing strategic and creative projects with little reward other than the personal development that only a stay at home mom can fully understand the psychological value of.

And then COVID came. And everything changed.

Now I can work with some of the smartest women in the world from the comfort of my half Zoom, half homeschool room.

I can learn anything, at anytime.

I can finally use my skills to do what motivates me most - help other women build the business of their dreams.

So here we are. The world is our oyster.

And I am obsessed with your success. Maybe because I was classically trained in customer service a la my first jobs being a Nordstrom sales clerk and line chef 👩‍🍳.

I am highly motivated - worked 2 jobs at 15, started my own business at 17, started College in High School, and got my MBA while I was doing international consulting work at 22. I've self-taught and mastered everything from Six Sigma (Black Belt) and Business Process Analysis to Web/APP Design and Funnel Strategy.

I am efficient, motivated, and organized. I'm not normal - I create dynamic business model simulators in Excel for fun and I am a self-taught rock star creative problem solver with Wordpress and FG Funnels.

I am looking to have some fun building the business empires of SMART WOMEN LIKE YOU, and we just may be a match made in FG heaven if you:

  • Are ready to INVEST IN YOU via your business and INVEST IN YOUR FAMILY via investing in yourself.
  • Understand the time value of money and are tired of spending time juggling multiple projects that never seem to cross the finish line.
  • Want to look at your website(s)/funnel(s)/brand assets and SMILE vs. stress.
  • Feel like if you could just get everything sorted, launched and automated you could soar to new heights.
  • Know you need support but don't have the time or energy to explain your business and your needs in hours of zoom calls, meetings and emails.

If this is you, and you are ready to invest in your success - YAY! You are in the right place at the right time.

I can help you with a suite of 7 star marketing services including:

• Copywriting • Website & Sales Funnel Design • Strategy • Director Of Marketing Services

I often get booked out quickly, so if you have that women's intuition - and you think we may, just maybe, be a fit, please do reach out to me.

Portfolio and Preferred Method to Contact Me

Here is how you can reach me:

Online @ Marketing With Meera

FB Messenger @

Email @

Thank You,

Meera 🤗

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