Lindsey Barlow

Title: Creative Learning Design & Strategy


Hi there, I'm Lindsey. 

I help coaches, corporations, non-profits & education institutes transition to online learning. My zones include Learning Design, Project Management, & Marketing Strategy.

If you are looking to transform your expertise into courses and membership sites, I can help you maximize your impact through effective funnel strategy, copywriting & page design. I can advise & handle the tech involved, PLUS work with you on your curriculum development.

I’ve worked as a teacher, a software trainer, a marketing executive and an event planner. I have a M.Ed plus 15 years experience developing curriculum at the graduate level.

Most clients, both corporate and entrepreneurs are pivoting from in person training or consulting to adding courses & memberships to their value ladder.

  • Transition Strategy
  • Course Branding
  • Curriculum Development & Consulting
  • Content Asset Design
  • Learning Platform Management
  • Certified Master Marketer: Funnel Strategy, Copy & Design
  • Landing Page Design & Copy
  • Accessibility Consulting

I am based in AZ  that is MST in winter and PST in summer (yes, Arizona doesn't have daylight savings time, so don't all move here at once). I meet with clients once a week usually and use voxer or slack in between.

Checkout my website below to find out more and book a call or text me at 520-595-4155.

During our discovery call I can answer your burning questions and you'll get a copy of my Roadmap to a Profitable Course along with my 30 page Ebook Promotional Ideas for your Online Course.


Recent Client Feedback

Charlene Wright, Jan 13 2021

Lindsey really knows what she is talking about. She took the time to really understand my course concept & the vibe I wanted to present to my students. Making the financial investment with Lindsey proved fruitful within 1 month of hiring her. She provided great service with understanding & empathy for my challenges. I really appreciated that Lindsey was super hands-on with "showing" me what she was doing as she was doing it by sharing her computer screen on our zoom calls, so I could learn more about how to manage my site without her. I can now self-manage the site with competency but if I need her, she will be my go-to. Because of working with Lindsey, I was able to achieve a major milestone - 4 online courses published!! 🥳🥳🥳


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