Lindsey Barlow

Title: Creative Learning Design & Strategy


Hi there, I'm Lindsey, I specialize in Learning Design. 

To plan and produce a profitable online course, you need to navigate & optimize three areas.

  • Engaging Learning Design
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and
  • Tech Optimization & Automation.


As a Course Consultant I can help you with:

Curriculum Writing, Strategy & Design
E-book & Manuals,
Video Editing, (Screenflow, Premiere Pro),
Slide Design & Production,
LMS Platform Setup


As a Digital Marketing Strategist I can help you with:

Digital Strategy & Funnel Automations
Sales Page Design & Copy
Online Course Sequencing & Membership Development


As a Technology Specialist I can help you with:

Funnel Design & Automations
Learning Management System Choice & SetUp


Who am I?

I started my career in marketing, organizing complex international events for Motorola. (Ask me about tea in Palazzo Barbaro with Lady Curtis ☕️ 😊).  Always been the go to for everything tech, I have been creating graduate level courses online since 2002. I have also worked as a webmaster, designing wordpress sites. I am one of the Thinkific Approved Experts with an M. Ed. I hail from England. I've lived on both coasts and am now loving the desert southwest in Tucson.

I am also a certified FGSociety Master Marketer 2020. Skilled in creating marketing funnels on FGFunnels (High Level).

If any of this is in your plans for 2022, please book a call now as I am taking clients for January 2022.

Checkout my website below to find out more and book a call or text me at 520-595-4155.


Recent Client Feedback

Charlene Wright, Jan 13 2021

Lindsey really knows what she is talking about. She took the time to really understand my course concept & the vibe I wanted to present to my students. Making the financial investment with Lindsey proved fruitful within 1 month of hiring her. She provided great service with understanding & empathy for my challenges. I really appreciated that Lindsey was super hands-on with "showing" me what she was doing as she was doing it by sharing her computer screen on our zoom calls, so I could learn more about how to manage my site without her. I can now self-manage the site with competency but if I need her, she will be my go-to. Because of working with Lindsey, I was able to achieve a major milestone - 4 online courses published!! 🥳🥳🥳


Portfolio and Preferred Method to Contact Me

Services & Portfolio:

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