Company: Premium Web Development LLC

Title: Master Marketer, Web Designer & Certified Search Specialist


Hey there! I’m Glennette Goodbread, Owner of Premium Web Development LLC, and I *love* creating marketing funnels and lead generation websites!

I am currently looking to partner with small business owners, service providers and consultants who want a done-for-you marketing system that's customized to YOUR business. If you need an irresistible website or marketing funnel that can convert leads, you are in the right place. Or on the right profile I guess I should say!

Allow me to tell you just a little about me. (Just a little, I promise not to be long-winded...) I actually started my business back in 1999, yes that was BEFORE Y2K, the year everyone thought the world would come to an end because computers hadn't been programmed to handle 4 digit years. I created my website and started working with web design clients not realizing that I'd still be helping business owners with their marketing 22 years later! God opened doors for me back then and He is absolutely still doing so now.

As the story goes, I was creating websites for business owners and it quickly became painfully obvious that just putting a website online was not enough. The site had to actually rank well in the search engines or my clients didn’t get enough traffic to justify keeping it. Go figure! My goal has always been to provide the best ROI possible so I took it up on myself to learn search engine optimization. As it turned out, I was good at it and, unlike many people, I actually enjoy it. (I know I'm weird but that's ok.)

So … since 1999, I’ve been creating lead generation websites for super awesome clients. I have clients all over the US and even in some other countries. I’m here to take you by the hand and help you generate leads for your business.

I do this through digital marketing services like:

  • Lead Generation Websites,
  • Marketing Funnels,
  • Search Engine Optimization, and
  • Business Consulting.


First of all, don't worry if you don't understand all the marketing jargon. That's what you have me for. I'm your resident techie. Now, to answer your question, a marketing funnel is a collection of pages on the world wide web that follow a sequential order and have a marketing purpose. Well, that's my definition anyway. This collection of pages could be as simple as a sales page, a checkout page and a thank you page or it could be much more complicated with lots of automations and triggers. The best thing about a marketing funnel is that it leads your visitor through the necessary steps automagically. Run some traffic to an optin page and next thing you know, you have an email list and some potential leads. Easy peasy right?


Premium Web has a wide range of clients but primarily my focus is small business owners, coaches, consultants and service providers who are serious about generating leads and have a heart for providing the absolute best service they can. They just have one problem. They're invisible. No, not in a good way like a superhero, their target market doesn't know they exist. As you can imagine, that's not good.


I have what I call a Visibility Cloak and I'm willing to share it with you. The right marketing assets combined with the right marketing tactics and voila, you are no longer invisible!


If you are ready to find out how to be visible and generate leads, it's time to BOOK A CALL! We will hop on the phone or Zoom and you will leave the call with a PLAN. How awesome would that be? You actually CAN know WHAT you need to do to have a successful website or marketing funnel.


(If you don't think we would be a fit, please feel free to post your job here.)

Portfolio and Preferred Method to Contact Me

You can view my web design portfolio on my website at

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