Donna Loeffler

Title: Funnel Strategy + Copywriting + Design for Small Business


What Does Scrapbooking Have to Do With Funnels?

My interest in digital content and design started in 1998 with scrapbooking. 


Yes, you read that right, scrapbooking. After creating many physical photo albums with my family pictures and teaching others to do the same, I realized I needed a better way. I learned how to create digital scrapbooks online and it was like a whole new world opened up for me, a digital playground of fun! Color, pictures, fonts, complete freedom to change things with just a click of my mouse. 

I knew I had tapped into something that was really creative and exciting and quickly began holding classes online to teach others my new-found joy-toy.

It wasn't until 2015 and a battle with breast cancer that I realized, through much down time and reflection, that what I really wanted to do was to create an online business. 

Since then, and with my prognosis of "no evidence of disease" (I like to say "cancer free!") I've been working in the online space, using digital funnels to grow my business. I've spent the last 5 years studying online business strategy, copywriting and design, and loving every minute of it.

What I See For You, Dear Entrepreneur

My goal and passion is to help budding entrepreneurs shorten the digital learning curve. I teach my clients exactly what they need to do, step by step, to grow their business online, all without breaking the bank. I offer done for you, or done with you services, because I also love to teach, but realize there are business owners who just want someone else to take the reigns.

What I am passionate about the most is talking with entrepreneurial business owners about their big goals and dreams. Entrepreneurs are notoriously creative people with big ideas, but oftentimes they have trouble staying focused and developing a tangible plan of action. That's where I come in.

Using my 15+ years of design experience and my knowledge and certification with Funnel Gorgeous Society as a Triple Threat Marketing Mentor, I can guide a small business owner into the virtual world quickly and effectively.

I’ll Teach You How to Do it Yourself, Or I’ll Get it Done For You

Last but not least, I adore teaching. You know what they say, "Give a Man (or Woman) a Fish, and You Feed Him (Her) for a Day. Teach a Man (Woman) To Fish, and You Feed Him (Her) for a Lifetime''. My passion for teaching and lifelong education is so great, I chose to homeschool my 3 now adult children for 7 years. All three of them have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs. My home school teaching experience and entrepreneurial online business training have resulted in my ability to teach difficult and complex concepts in simple, easy to understand terms. If learning about online marketing is something you are looking for, I've got you covered!

I Adore Hearing About Small Business Owner’s Big Creative Dreams

There is so much more that I could say, but truthfully, the best way to move forward with your business and figure out your next steps is to schedule a time for us to chat. I offer a 30 minute complimentary "Getting to Know You" call where we can get to know each other better and talk about where you are and what you'd like to accomplish with your business. Then, we can decide together if we are a fit to work together. You can easily schedule time with me by texting me at (909)560-9996, or scheduling a time on my online calendar here.

I look forward to hearing all about your big vision dreams and goals for your business, and I’d be honored to help you make them a reality!


Portfolio and Preferred Method to Contact Me

Take a look at some of the work I’ve done by viewing my portfolio here.

You can reach me by:

  1. Text message: 1 (909) 560-9996

  2. Scheduling a complimentary 30 minute call on my online calendar here.

  3. Sending me a message on Facebook here.




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