Dara Sklar

Company: Total Marketing and Consulting Inc.

Title: Productivity, Tech, Google Workspace & Beyond


Wish you could scale your business with less tech stress and more simplicity? 

I’ll help you get there using the power of Google tools. 

Yup, I said it. Google tools.
(Y'know, like Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, and all the tools you take for granted!)

Who knew that the apps you likely already have on your devices could help you become WAY more organized in your business? 

And here’s the best part …

More organization = more productivity and profits

It’s really that simple.

I know; as business owners, we’re dazzled by ALL the shiny objects. But sometimes those shiny objects are just distractions from what works.

Instead of wasting precious time sorting through messy files, trying to remember old passwords, or doing everything manually in your business, I’ll help you get
more organized and automated so that you can finally focus on activities that will *actually* move the needle. 

Or hey, how about activities that will support long-term growth without burnout?! (Now we’re talkin’).

Portfolio and Preferred Method to Contact Me

Want in on my tech-savvy Monica Geller brain? You can:

1. Book me for a some 1:1 time: This is a collaborative, one-on-one strategy OR action session where I’ll help you identify and address any inefficiencies in your business systems. FYI, I’m also a funnel tech wizard and have been an entrepreneur since I was six years old (when I’d shamelessly sell kisses to my parents). So if you need help with ANY stage of your customer journey, I’ve got you!

2. Check out my online courses and other learning tools. I offer a host of self-paced courses and downloadable assets that you can complete on your own time for a quick and easy win!

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