Connie J Pak

Title: Traffic and Funnels Expert


I know what it takes to run and operate a product or service business. When you work with us you are talking with another business owner. I love to hear the story behind the business. I ask questions like... How did you get started? What is your why? and Where do you see this business in the future? By understanding the business owner I get a better understanding of the business. And by understanding the business and the values of this business we are able to work cohesively to put together a customized marketing/business strategy to take your business to the next level.

My philosophy is simplifying the funnel at all levels: to split test, to maintain and to optimize. The more complex it is the harder it is to keep all the pieces in the right spot. When I do a funnel strategy with a client they walk away with a blueprint of exactly how to execute the funnel. Then my designer will create a mock-up for you to review and approve. Then we will build and optimize your funnel with the focus on getting a conversion and ROI. We empower you with training to help you maintain and know exactly how to manage your funnel. My goal is your success!

But there are a couple of things you should know when working with me.

*When you schedule a call for a free consultation, I will be the person you talk to

*When it is time for your strategy, I will be the person you talk to

*When it is time to build your funnel, I am the person who directs the team to make that happen so the vision follows through to execution.

I chose to only take on a handful of custom clients at any one time. That is so I can give them my full attention. I don't pass you off to someone else in my team after the sales call. I'm with you from the start until the end.

That does not mean I do every aspect of the work. I manage a team of trusted and talented full-time team members who help me get the job done quickly and efficiently. But I am very involved in directing the tasks.

So if you need someone with a background in business to help you take the steps to automate your online marketing reach out to me to set up a complimentary just talk. If I feel it is too early to hire an agency for your company I will tell you and give you some options. If you are looking to scale at a pace that would require a full-time person I will tell you that as well. Growth will come when there is a good match between the client and the agency and I'll let you know if I'm not the right person for the job. However, if you are the right client, know that I will work hard for you and your business. You will feel like you have a business partner, not a contractor. Everyone I have worked with has commented on my attention, my care, and the hard work shown to execute various different campaigns. So if you feel you are ready for an agency and think I might be the right fit please go to my website to schedule a FREE Get To Know Session.

My favorite quote: “Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people.” -Elizabeth Green

Portfolio and Preferred Method to Contact Me

Let's Talk!  Book a call for a time most convenient for you and let's hop on a call to see if I might be a good fit!

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