Bev Scheider

Title: Using Creative Automation to Increase Your Revenue


Hi… I’m Beverly Scheider (but please call me “Bev” or I feel like my wonderful Grandma Drake is scolding me”).  🙂

As you can see, my photo isn’t a professionally taken photo.  There are a number of reasons for that but what is most important, I think, is that I embrace authenticity, transparency and diversity.   In that photo… That’s me… That is what you get on the surface - no tricks.   

If you value authenticity, transparency, detail, a quality product, service excellence, and deadlines, then you are my people.  You are the type of person  who I want to work with.


Those who know me say I'm fun, positive, have a good sense of humor and pleasant to work with, all while I geek out on solving client’s business problems and using technology to help clients go digital and automate their manual tasks!  


Yes… deep down I’m a Nerd… and proud of it.!  Add that to my creativity (I’m also a commissioned painter in my ‘spare time’) and I produce amazing automations for my clients  to solve their digital marketing, sales and business process challenges while I sit in my country office full of windows with my 2 golden retrievers underfoot.

I do ‘speak’ other languages.  In addition to my nerdiness, I have years of experience in high level  management, as a Project Manager reengineering business processes (for many multi-million dollar projects), and as a Systems Analyst and Coder in the IT area.   I also have more than 15 years experience as a small business owner, so I understand the unique challenges small business owners face in this new digital business environment.  


Additionally, I.LOVE.AUTOMATION!  I cringe when manual work is being done when I know automations can be put into place to help a business be more productive.  With years of experience in the corporate arena and now for my clients, automation gets me excited because I know what it can do for a business, large or small.


I look at problems as challenges!  I focus on making sure that my client’s experience is as stress free as humanly possible while delivering what I promise, on time (if not before), all while producing digital systems that increase their revenue, usually, without increasing their daily tasks!


Besides the years of experience that I have under my belt, (actually, I don’t even wear a belt but I do have the experience),  I have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars to learn what I now use to help my clients move to the digital world.  Because of this,  I feel very comfortable that I can take your automation and digital marketing and sales challenges and effectively turn them into increased  revenue.

Portfolio and Preferred Method to Contact Me


Here is just one way that Instragram Automated Messenger can be used to book appointments:

Using Instagram Automated Messenger (BOT) to Set Appointments

I want to make sure we are speaking the same language, so if you are wondering how a sales funnel is different from a website, please use this link for an explanation:

FREE Website vs Sales Funnel Whitepaper 

So what do I mean when I talk about automation or automating a workflow?   Use this link to watch a short video to help explain just one use case where we automated a CS support service:

Automating A Customer Support Application

Best way to contact me?  Please text me at 815-249-1180.    

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