Bev Scheider

Title: Using Creative Automation to Increase Your Revenue


I’m known by my friends as “The Creative Techy”.  By day I'm a process improvement, automation specialist.  By night,  I'm a commissioned acrylic artist in my free time.  

As a painter I need to be creative, and see things differently, and when I apply that creativity to marketing and funnel or chatbot builds, amazing things happen for that business. 


My clients hire me and keep coming back because they get results.

Many of my clients start their process simplification and automation by moving from  CF, Active Campaign and other software to FG Funnels.  They do this in an effort to simplify and automate their marketing and systems for a minimum amount of logins and expense.

But in regards to the other areas where I help my clients:

I ‘speak’ other languages, with many years experience in the following corporate areas:  

  • Financial Services

  • Insurance Agent

  • Registered Investment Advisor


This allows me to build high converting funnels and chatbots that stay in compliance.

Additionally, I LOVE automations.  I cringe when manual work is being done when automations can be put into place to help a business be more productive.  Years of past experience in the corporate arena was spent on building these types of automations as a:

  • Programmer and coder

  • Systems Analysts (focusing on process improvement and automating processes) 

  • Lead manager responsible for leading a transition for two large insurance companies merging;  responsible for bringing the U.S. Distribution system together.  

My biggest project was to streamline processes which for issuing insurance policies for a large insurance company.  This project involved changing or eliminating steps in the process that were not needed because they were redundant or simply outdated.  For the processes that remained, we automated what we could.  Result for the company?  Reduction of 200 employees and a much more streamlined process.

But what does it really mean to 'automate', especially for smaller to mid-sized companies?   Some of the easiest areas to automate is a form that you may be using, that you really wouldn't have to 'touch' to complete the transaction it is associated with.  Or you have places where you and your colleagues document your leads, but there is no congruent system to it.  Chances are this process can be automated for you so you can spend your precious time talking with your leads, rather than documenting the conversations.  Perhaps you have a customer support process that could be automated for the most asked questions/issues.  (See below for a video involving a flowchart that I just built and automated for a large companies customer support.)   With an automation like this, they not only reduce human time on the easy customer service calls, but can now track analytics on those questions so that they can possibly reduce questions in those areas entirely.

Typically techy people are not looked at as being creative, but that is where the creative and the techy side all come together for me to meet online business challenges; thinking outside of the box and helping businesses stand out creatively and be successful in the online space.

Portfolio and Preferred Method to Contact Me

I want to make sure we are speaking the same language, so if you are wondering how a sales funnel is different from a website, please use this link for an explanation: 

FREE Website vs Sales Funnel Whitepaper 

So what do I mean when I talk about automation or automating a workflow?   Use this link to watch a short video to help explain just one use case:

Automating A Customer Support Application

Best way to contact me?  Please text me at 815-249-1180.    

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