Ben Hanks

Title: The Offer Coach


Hi. My name is Ben Hanks 😉

I love this kind of “About Me” section because it is really tricky.

There’s nothing really about me...

It shall be named “About YOU” section.

Because it is all about you - how this guy Ben Hanks can help YOU.


I help you generate new sales and buyers by ethically creating and presenting a Stand-Out-Crowd offer even without USP.


Please understand:

It’s taken me THOUSANDS of dollars and past 4 months just on learning how to create a right offer for myself.

I’ve spent MONTHS, DAY IN and OUT

  • Reading books / blog posts / newsletters
  • Watching dozens of Youtube videos and trainings from the best marketers
  • Spending THOUSANDS on PAID courses from every marketing big names you could think of, including Todd Brown, Russell Brunson, Peng Joon, Julie Stoian, Akbar Sheikh, Dan Henry, Tanner Chidester...


But the more info I consume, the more likely I found myself in “Imposter Syndrome”…

“Oh unique factor is also a must…”

“My offer isn’t good enough... I shall add irresistibility…"

“Wait… Perceived Value is what gets prospects’ attention and money”

“Awww…people will just go away when you lay down everything despite your good will”


The list goes on and on, but I still hadn’t figured out my own “offer formula”.

I knew


Therefore, I changed my strategy...

I started putting down everything I observed in a spreadsheet...

everything from what they sold and how they did it…

Promise, unique factor, audience, deliverables, pain point, format, funnel...etc...

To my surprise, I found a pattern that ALL of them had in common.

As excited as you can imagine how I was, I put together the best advice from each of them, remove the excess, add my own observation, test it out…


And here you are…

Stand-Out-Crowd Offer Codex



Portfolio and Preferred Method to Contact Me

Book a quick call with me at

(a special gift for those who book the call today...some sweet bonus offer only for action takers)


Lets talk your business and let me help you with that 😉

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