Alma Steger

Title: ECommerce Growth Marketer


Congratulations! Your e-commerce store has been up and running for a few years. That’s great! Your little baby has graduated from an awkward and painful infancy into a somewhat less painful adolescence. How exciting! You are now ready to push your online business to the next level but need someone to guide you.

Many founders I meet, waste a ton of money doing stuff they should not be doing:

  • Burning the midnight oil “perfecting” their online store for months on end when the focus should be sales
  • Expecting Facebook or Google ads to save them when the product itself is average or worse 😬
  • Believing that a few nice images taken from a pre-made template makes a brand
  • Thinking a successful e-commerce store requires very little or no investment (sorry!)

Hi! I’m Alma and I love E-commerce. I find it a little bit of science, a little bit of art; a blend of design and function, brand and business. As a big picture thinker, I look at how every piece of the business fits into your overall success, you might come to me for design but I will probably tell you to fix a more glaring issue beforehand. I utilize a wide variety of strategies such as what I like to call "outside-in" thinking, using customer trends as a guide post for product and service development as well as any branding and marketing efforts. E-commerce is fluid and your business must constantly pivot, change, adapt or die.

I offer full website services from development to conversion tracking to abandoned cart emails and funnel projects including strategy, design, copywriting, and tech. I serve e-commerce companies with awesome products - digital and physical - looking to better the world and reaching the next level in their companies.

While I can build an e-commerce website and provide you the reigns right away, I believe in building from a solid foundation and creating a meaningful and lasting impact to your bottom line and business growth through an ongoing partnership.


Portfolio and Preferred Method to Contact Me

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